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Sailerform emblem is a rarity. It is the sailer that splendors on the hoods of the automobiles produced under the American brand name Plymouth. What is more, it isn't just an abstract ship of some kind, it boasts of a real history.

Plymouth is the name of an English port. Several centuries ago the people who were destined to become the first American settlers set sail in that very port.

This name as think the founding fathers of the company, contains "the spirit of simple fortitude and strength, of the ability to courageously bear any hardship, and of the need for freedom from any restrictions".

There are a lot of adherents of the brand today and Plymouth is planning to extend the model range although its output isn't that considerable.

The main Plymouth market is still the USA. The thing is that this brand is quite well-known in the world but there are "gaps" in the information people have about the company and the cars produced.

Having created this site devoted to Plymouth brand exclusively we wish to improve the situation and we'll be glad to receive any assistance from You.

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