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Plymouth Breeze - The History of the Model

Plymouth BreezePlymouth Breeze is a front-wheel drive medium car that boasts of comfortable spacious saloon. It is first of all oriented on young families and simply on those who like the cars for thier pleasure and who don't want to refuse from comfort and safety.

There are two variants of the new model introduced in 1996, both are provided with 135-horsepower 4-cylinder 2.0-liter power plant but feature different gearboxes that is, Plymouth Breeze is available with five-speed manual transmission and with four-speed automatic one.

Plymouth Breeze is provided with a restyled independent suspension and boasts of solid rail frame construction "borrowed" from Lexus.

Production equipment list includes two air bags, ABS, steering booster, side impact protection, prerequisite seat belt tension system on the front seat, and a conditioner.

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